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About Hong Kong Toy Club

Hong Kong Toy Club

Whether it is bouncy castles, toys (like playhouses, swing and slide play centres, ride-on cars and bikes, trains, ball pools, tents and tunnels, etc.), entertainment or other needs for your child's birthday party or playgroup, you have come to the right place!

Established in 2010, Hong Kong Toy Club is the original toy rental company (first of its kind with the most comprehensive range of toys, we might add) born and bred in Hong Kong catering to kids' birthdays, parties and small group playdates with large and medium-sized toys. While we are the largest toy rental company of its kind in Hong Kong and in Singapore, we make it a point to state this as a matter of fact instead of an attempt at puffery. : )

Little Luxe Hong Kong Top PickCommitted to Safety and Service QualitySIOTO-basic transBGSIOTO-advanced transBG

Hong Kong Toy Club is the only bouncy castle and toy rental company in Hong Kong that is a member of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO) in the USA.

We were also privileged to be awarded Little Luxe Hong Kong's TOP PICK 2013.

Committed to Safety
Widest Range!
Big on Service!
Crazy about Fun!

About the Toy Club Franchise

Hong Kong Toy Club is the flagship toy rental company that is now part of the world-wide Toy Club International franchise system.

Contact us via email: franchise@hongkongtoyclub.com

And find out more about the Toy Club franchise, our unique way of doing business, and how we can help you start and build a sustainable business that will deliver joy to the many children in your community.


Buying Toys

If you are considering buying bouncy castles, ride-on cars and bikes, baby walkers, Signing Time DVDs, please visit Toy Shop Hong Kong.

Buy Toys at Toyshop.hk


About Our Blog

Our education system purports to equip us with skills and knowledge for life. For many of us, other than our careers and jobs, we take on the very important role of being parents. And this occupies a large part of our lives but we are never equipped nor trained for it.  We are left to learn parenting on our own, a lot of times through trial and error, hearsay, myths, and traditions amongst others.

We haven't been far on the road of parenting ourselves. Yet, our journey thus far has taught us many lessons not just about our children but also about ourselves. We have also realized that there is just so much that we don't know and that gives us the fresh impetus to learn as much as we can - not just providing for our children's physical needs but also their emotional and psychological needs. What has become important for us is that we do all we can to help our children grow up into responsible, independent, confident and positive members of society.

For this reason, we started our blog as a means to journal our own parenting journey as well as a platform to share those learnings along the way.

Read our blog: www.inspiring-joy.com

inspiring joy

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Because our children mean the world to us. And we know that they are the same to you.

Never in our lives have we ever imagined we could have so much influence and impact on someone's life.

Until our children arrived, that is.

So, no. We are not in this business because of money (no doubt this is important).

We are Hong Kong Toy Club because we want our children (and all children) to live their lives with passion and joy.

That's why. : )

And since then, our mission and passion has been "Delivering Joy"!

This is the reason why we support (and do the work of) delivering joy to children, especially underprivilleged ones. One charity that we support is Birthday Happiness.

So, although we deal with toys, our main focus is giving joy to children and help them grow up into responsible, independent, confident and positive members of society.


How To Order

Feel free to browse around and

(1) Choose your kids' favourite toys for an upcoming party,
Email us what you'd like, when you'd need them and where your party will be held (along with number of kids and their age range), and
We'll make arrangements from there!

Contact us should you have any questions.

Email us your booking or question

Phone: +852 8216-3870 (10am to 6pm Mon to Sun)
Email: support@hongkongtoyclub.com
LIVE Chat: Click on the Chat Bubble on the right!

If you can't get through to us, please call again or send us an email. Thank you!



We actively support the work of delivering joy to children, especially underprivilleged ones.

When we contribute to or sponsor a cause or event, we don't do so with ourselves in mind. This means that we are not primarily after publicising or promoting Hong Kong Toy Club. We want our contributions to have lasting impact and not just for a once-off hit-and-run.

For this reason, we take sponsorships very seriously and think in terms of partnership. We put in much thought and internal discussions to evaluate the value that we can truly offer in those contributions or partnerships in order to make a sound decision both for whom we are contributing to as well as ourselves as an organization. And of course, we are very much concerned with the cause to which we are contributing to.


Kids Club

Kids Club is our regular fun-time where your kids can come and enjoy a variety of our toys in a safe, supervised environment.

Kids Club play-time will be scheduled at a convenient venue and you can expect different toys each time.

If you would like Kids Club in your area, send us an email at support@hongkongtoyclub.com!

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