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Bouncy Castles for Toddlers

Bouncy castles are one of the favourite "communal" playgrounds of all-time. We use the word "communal" because, while a bouncy castle can be used by just a single child, it is designed for a group of children to play at the same time.

Inflatable bouncer designs are very sophicated these days. They are no longer simple bouncers where the kids go into the bouncy and all they do is bounce and run around (like a trampoline).
Bouncy castles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes these days and designed with a whole host of features. There are the combo units with bounce area and slide, there are those that function as a slide only, and there are those with a series of obstacles - verticle pop-ups, horizontal bars, low wall, high wall, swing, pop-up tunnels, and carved-in tunnels. Even ziplines are used on bouncies now.

Ziplines using inflatables

All these sophistication in bouncy castle design seems to focus on older kids right up to adults as they require highly developed motor skills. No doubt, younger ones like toddlers can certainly play in such complex bouncies but any parent will know that having toddlers playing in a confined space with other children above 6 year-olds can be daunting. This is simply because the older ones are much stronger, they bounce higher and jump further. And they dash around in their fit of excitement oblivious to others around them.

Kids in bouncy castles

For this reason, Hong Kong Toy Club started work in late 2013 to design and produce bouncy castles that are purposed for toddlers. This is just so that these inflatables cater specifically to the age range of 1 to 3. This way, this tight age range of children can enjoy themselves with the age-appropriate play features in the inflatable and at the same time, the play environment is keep safe. Of course, those up to 7 years old or older can play in these bouncies but the features in these bouncies are designed specifically with toddlers in mind.

Bouncy castle inflatable steps

Features of our Toddler range of bouncy castles:
  1. Small, low slides with easy climbs and short drops
  2. Small and easily overcomed pop-up obstacles
  3. Inflatable props within easy reach
  4. Ball Pools
  5. Cute and attractive toddler-friendly themes
  6. Enclosed playcentre design where there is no need for the kids to get out and get in to continue play
  7. Adult caregivers can go into bouncy castle with their toddlers!
Bouncy castle pop-up obstacles

Check out our Toddler line of bouncy castles below:

Toddler Zoo Playland

This playcentre bouncy castle features various colourful and cute animal pop-ups. Children get to explore the zoo through a series of pop-up horizontal obstacle bars with dolphins and zebras, pop-up enclosures and pool, and a dinosaur slide!

Toddler Zoo-demo

Toddler Zoo bouncy castle

Toddler Zoo bouncy castle

Toddler Zoo inflatable

Toddler Train Station

The Express Train has arrived at the train station with passengers alighting, ending one journey, while others boarding, starting a journey. Kids get to explore the train as well as the train station while going through tunnels, slides, and pop-up vertical and horizontal bars.
Train Station bouncy castle

Toddler Train Station bouncy castle
Train Station inflatable bouncy



He is So Smart!

My son's piano teacher once praised him when I picked him up from class.

"He is so smart," she said.

I replied, "Yes, he picks up piano rather quickly because he has a keen interest and he takes the effort to practice."

Then she said, "No, he is so smart he doesn't even need to try very hard!"

I actually dislike people praising my children saying that they are "so clever" and "so smart." 

You must think me nuts. Why?

Because they didn't do anything to deserve such praise. Why should being smart be praise worthy? Having "smarts" is not something they can do much about. Getting praise too often about their "smarts" makes them think that they are born that way and they are gifted. They will soon start to think that they need not try very hard and, worst, they behave in ways to avoid failure. For example, they will choose easy tasks and avoid challenging ones. Some will even cheat just so that stay ahead.

Why? Because if they fail, they will no longer be praised as "clever" or "smart" anymore. Because if they were "smart," they shouldn't need to try so hard. Protecting the "smart" label becomes paramount.

In other words, they begin to handicap themselves in more ways in their lives than school. Is this what we want to condition them to do?

Don't get me wrong. I believe we are all uniquely talented in specific ways. I believe that is so that we serve a unique purpose and mission in our lives. But without proper nurturing of such talent and coupling it with effort, such giftedness will amount to nothing.

So, on the other hand, I'd much rather praise be directed at a child's efforts. 
I'd much prefer a "well done," "good job," "you must have practiced hard," "you did well because you put in effort."

This way, they will try harder, try a different way, get feedback, improve and get better results. They can have much more control over the kind of effort they want to put into something rather than the "cleverness" that they supposedly possess.

Mega Party Fun with the Super Castle Combo

The Super Castle Combo bouncy castle is one of Hong Kong Toy Club's latest premium inflatable jumping castle addition.

Super Castle Combo-3

Standing at 5.0m high, it stands stall like a impressive fortress with mini flags flying (when there is wind, of course) proudy atop its four towers. The bouncy castle's design boasts an all-round net enclosure which keeps the bouncy castle airy and bright. It also has a large multi-coloured jumping area
with a covered canopy which shelters the kids from the outdoor sun.

Complete with tunnel, pop-up vertical obstacles and horizontal obstacle bars, climbing steps and a long elevated slide, the Super Castle Combo is one neat playcentre by itself!

Super Castle Combo-i1

Super Castle Combo-i3

Kids climb up the flight of climbing steps to ascent up to the top of the slide leading out of the castle. Even younger kids below 4 will be able to move up these steps as it is lined on the sides with climbing handles.

Super Castle Combo-i2

The Super Castle Combo bouncy castle combines bounce, slide and a good variety of pop-up obstacles inside to keep the kids actively playing for a good many hours. You can be sure they'll expend a good amount of their energies and be exhausted at the end of the day.

Surely a hit for outdoor play and parties! Of course, if your indoor venue has sufficient space, this will be a super centrepeice at your party.

Check out specifications rental details here.

What a Bounce! Donation to Christian Action

Here's what gave us a bouncy for joy:

Hong Kong Toy Club donated a bouncy castle to Christian Action on 19 September 2013!

With this donation, we hope to contribute in a tangible way to organizations serving the needs of underprivileged children. It is our small effort in delivering joy to children in Hong Kong and beyond. Above all, we see it as our job to share the love and message to these children that they have a hope and a future.

Of course, there is a lot of work to be done. This is not a once-off contribution. We make it clear to organizations we sponsor or partner with: We want to make an impact with them long term.

We feel that children can be involved with charitable acts as well, not just adults. This is so that we give our next generation opportunities to build up their hearts, head, and hands.

Bouncy Castle Donation to Christian Action
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