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Choose your bouncy castle from our HUGE rental selection!

Take note of the size (especially ceiling height) of the venue you plan to hold your party, the number of kids as well as their age range. The ceiling height of your venue is a major factor because some bouncy castles are taller while others are shorter.

As a general guide, hire larger sized bouncy castles if you plan to have 10 or more kids or if the kids are mostly 7 years old or above. For small to mid-size bouncy castles, see our Value Range.

All bouncy castle play must be supervised by adults at all times.

Please note that all bouncy castles are inflated by an air blower which needs to be kept ON throughout the play time. Thus, an electrical power point is required to provide continuous air flow.

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Space Shuttle Slide Ages 3 to 10.
Get ready to take off in Hong Kong Toy Club's very own Space Shuttle Liberty! To infinity and beyond! Product Details
Heli Combo Ages 3 to 10.
One and only unique bouncy castle design. Welcome aboard the helicopter combo! Awesome party and event centre-piece! Product Details
Monster Truck Combo Bouncy Ages 3 and up.
MONSTER size truck combo bouncy castle! Awesome fun like never before! Product Details
Dump Truck Junior Slide Ages 3 to 10.
Here's the Dump Truck to do some heavy lifting! Climb up the hopper and slide down the long, high slide! Product Details
Fire Rescue Combo Ages 3 to 10.
Fire engine to the rescue! Super fun combo bouncy castle with bounce, slide, and pop-up obstacles! Product Details
Shark Club Splash and Slide Ages 3 to 8.
Join the Shark Club! Slide down the long slide and splash into the shark pool! Perfect for the warm weather! Product Details
Mega Rally Race Track Ready, set, GO! This is a large inflatable race track to complement the ride-on cars or any race you may have! Product Details
Happy Ever After Ages 3 and up.
How about a bouncing wedding? This all-white bouncer is specially designed for the very special wedding! Product Details
Adventure Splash Playcentre Ages 3 to 6.
Looking for a splashing good time? Bounce and slide into the extra large pool! Or crawl through the tunnel for a splashing good time! Product Details
Dual Lane Mini Zip Ages 7 and up.
Dual lane Mini Zip for an exhilarating ride or a bouncing good time! Product Details
Grand Prix Race Track Get ready to race! This is an inflatable race track to complement the ride-on cars or any race you may have! Product Details
Monster Splash Water Slide with Pool Ages 6 and up.
Get ready for a splashing good time! This is a monster-sized water slide! Super duper excitement from the super elated slide and slip into the pool at the end of the inflatable! Product Details
Super Slide Ages 4 and up.
Super high slide at an impressive 6m high with a fast and furious ride down the well-cushioned bottom! Product Details
Toddler Train Station Ages 2 to 7.
Explore the train station and the "Joy Express"! Fun for the younger ones with mini-slide, tunnel, pop-up obstacles and, of course, lots of bouncing! Product Details
Toddler Zoo Playland Ages 2 to 5.
Bright, colourful, and fun bouncy playland with many zoo "enclosures" to explore for the younger ones! Product Details
Super Castle Combo Ages 4 to 10.
Awesome fun in this mega-sized castle bouncy at 5m high featuring large, spacious bouncing area, climbing wall, and high elevated slide! Product Details
Obstacle Racer 16 Bouncy Castle Ages 3 to 10.
Obstacle course bouncy castle featuring tunnels, low obstacle wall, pop-up pillars, and dual-lane slide! Endless fun for play and parties! Product Details
Super Princess Bouncer Ages 3 to 10.
You are invited to the royal ball! Join the bouncy fun in this large sized bouncer for the little royal Princesses and Princes! Product Details
Combo Challenge Playground Ages 3 to 10.
Awesome fun in this mega-sized super playground bouncy castle at 4.5m high featuring obstacles, tunnel, bouncing area, and super elevated slide! Product Details
Shark Mega Slide Ages 3 to 10.
Climb in through the Great White Shark's tail, through its belly and out through the mouth! Featuring a super high slide for awesome fun! Product Details
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