Bouncer, Bouncy, Bouncy Castle, Jumping Castle...

Whatever you call them, inflatable Bouncy Castles are a great way to provide fun and entertainment for children at birthday parties here in Hong Kong.

Hiring a bouncy castle at the party venue, it serves as a focal point where the kids can revolve around. It engages them and allows them to bounce, jump, climb, slide, crawl, hop... that is to expend their energies for hours!

Types of Bouncy Castles to Choose From

Bouncy Castles come in all sort of shapes and sizes. From as small as 2m long by 2m wide by 1.5m high, to a humongous "SlideZilla" 53m long by 20m wide by 11m high! You may wish to check the world's largest inflatable water slide, as it is claimed, in this report:

If you have been to the USA, UK, or Australia (or are from one of these places), you will realize that bouncy castles are sold in retail stores such as Target, Walmart, and Toys'R'Us. You will also realize that these are home-use bouncy castles typically with sizes within 4 metres by 4 meters. And because they are priced for the consumer and designed for residential use, they are made with laminated nylon (and perhaps a small portion with vinyl as reinforcements). Laminated nylon is the same type of material used to make the typical backpacks.Of course, being made with nylon ensures that the home-use bouncy castles are lightweight and compact for storage. However, the problem with nylon is that it is not tear-proof and can be easily sheered. What's more, heavy usage will cause the laminate layer to peel off the nylon itself thereby reducing its strength and causes air-leaks.

On the other hand, bouncy castles designed and manufactured for commercial and rental use are made fully with 18oz PVC tarpauline. PVC tarpauline has a layer of high density knitted net sandwiched between two layers of thick vinyl. It is fire-retardant, tear-proof, and water-proof. It is little wonder why commercial purpose bouncy castles will survive many years of heavy use while bouncy castles made with nylon usually don't last beyond several months of heavy usage.

So, we'd recommend keeping these factors in mind especially when renting bouncy castles. Always ask the operator if their rental bouncy castle units are fit for commercial use.If you are considering buying bouncy castles, ride-on cars and bikes, baby walkers, signing time DVDs, please visit Toy Shop Hong Kong.

Apart from bouncy castles, we would recommend a variety of toys for birthday parties, playgroups and/or play-dates. Ride-on cars will definitely be a hit with the bigger kids above 3 years old. Playhouses and ball pools are most enjoyed by the younger ones below 3. Setting up the toys with a bouncy castle as the main centre piece supplemented with other toys will cater to the number of children as well as the different age groups.

Read about renting toys for kids parties. Kids also love to explore and experiment and so, will move from toy to toy while they engage the others kids in social play and interaction.  Parents love the bouncy castles and the larger ride-on vehicles too! Many will often sneak into the bouncers for a hop or onto the larger ride-ons for a spin. We definitely won't recommend this but...

How to Rent a Bouncy Castle

Bouncy castles come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. When choosing a bouncy castle for your party, get a good idea of the size of the venue you will be using for the party or gathering. Take into consideration space for food and drinks as well as tables and chairs, the number of guests and, if you plan to have entertainment like magicians and clowns, floor space for the show.

What is important is that you also note the height of the ceiling as well as the clearance height in the presence of lights like chandeliers, if any. Bouncy castles with a large bounce area, climbing ladder, as well as a long and high slide are definitely the most enjoyable. Of course, your selection should depend on the age group of the kids as well as the number of them. If you are inviting a lot of children, a larger bouncy castle (or 2 smaller ones) is definitely in order.

Renting a bouncy castle is easy. Let us know (via email or phone) where you will be having your kid's birthday party, the number of kids expected at the party and their age group, we will recommend a suitable bouncer considering the floor space available.