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7 Guiding Tips for House Birthday Parties

Small scaled parties also the unforgettable. Just follow the below tips and planning will at breeze!

When your kid invites a friend, he/she may come with 1-3 adults (dad, mum and helper) and sometimes even siblings, therefore, you should get guests to RSVP so that you know how much food to prepare, how much space is needed and how many goodies bags to put together etc.. Always decide on the scale of your party before you send out invitations.

If you have decided to organise the party at home, the amount of space for guests to move around is important. Provide us with the space information and we can help recommend suitable toys and / or entertainment.

3 hours will be a good window of time to hold a party and this is why our published rental prices are for 3 full hours. If you wish to provide a variety of activities, such as bouncy castles / toys, claw machine and entertainment, you can have rental items for extra hours at only 15% hourly on rental.

If you are serving food at your party, the challenging question usually is the portion to prepare. Once your guests RSVP and depending on the number attending(adults and children) and time of the party, you can then plan the amount of food to cater. Popular food catered at party will be pineapple sausages, dim sum, spring rolls, chicken wings and spaghetti.

For special party themes, we can help you design and source for suitable decorations and supplies. We can also provide your kid’s favourite cartoon character toy and/or balloons to enhance the decoration. If you are planning a small party or having space constraints, a themed poster and simple balloon decorations will lighten the party mood.

Besides toys, sometimes you may wish to add entertainments such as magic show, balloon twisting and face painting to provide varieties to your party. Our magician can even help you gather your guests and lead in cake-cutting ritual, something some parents may shy away from.

Happy moments, cute and smiling faces as well as celebratory moods at parties must be captured and remembered. Hire a professional photographer from us and you get your party pictures taken and adjusted perfectly.

Suggest a dress code based on your party theme. Get everyone, including the adults, to come dressed up, whether it’s characters from a favourite cartoon or movie.

Keep cake cutting time a secret, shhhh… If your guests know the time, they may just arrive slightly earlier to catch the affair. If you schedule the cake-cutting too early at the party, your guests might leave after eating. However, with toys from us, you probably will only have guests not willing to leave!

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House Party

When you do not have access to large party venues or just wish to hold a small and cosy gathering at home, we still have something catered for you. Suitable toys that can fit your home space, entertainment that can keep the kids occupied and decor that can create a warm ambience, just count on us!

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