Your kid's birthday is coming up. And you are thinking of holding a birthday party to celebrate the occasion.

And most definitely, the party can be held at home but if you are expecting a lot of guests, it can be challenging to fit everyone into an apartment.

Of course, if your estate has a clubhouse, the function room may serve well as a kids party venue. If not, looking for an appropriate kids party venue will be a key priority.

Where can you find a party venue in Hong Kong that is conveniently located? How do you source for a birthday party place that is large enough for your guests and party activities?

Having provided toys catering to kids birthday parties for these many years, we can say that we have been to almost 99% of all party venues in HK. Each of these party places has its own flavour and uniqueness. And surely, you will be considering where most of your friends and relatives will be coming from.

Here are several suggestions on Hong Kong island and in Kowloon for you to consider:

Kids Party Venues:


PLAY ski + snowboard is a one stop shop for beginners and aspiring experts to learn, practice and perfect their skills in a safe, controlled, and comfortable environment. You can enjoy the fun of skiing without travelling far out and enduring unstable weather conditions.

As a party venue, PLAY provides 2,500 sqft of function area floor space for party and event activities.

  • PLAY is located in Kwun Tong.
  • Sound system available.
  • Indoor venue only.
  • Air-conditioned.

2. YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre

YMCA King's Park Centenary Centre is a purpose-built sports centre boasting inline Hockey Rink, rock climbing wall, 3 outdoor tennis courts, and function rooms.

YMCA KPCC hires out its inline hockey rink for kids parties and events.

  • Located next to Queen Elizabeth hospital in Yaumatei. It is also adjacent to India Club.
  • The inline hockey rink is a sheltered open air space with a whopping 1,012.5 sqm floor space.
  • Fans available.
  • Sound system available.