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In order to provide kids with happy childhood and birthday memories, many parents will organise parties and invite friends to celebrate together. If you are planning their first time, you may browse at tips below to guide you.
When your kid invites friend, he/she may come with that 1-3 adults (dad, mum and helper) and sometimes even sibling, you should at guests to RSVP you know how much food to prepare, how much space is needed and how many goodies bags to put together etc. As decide on scale of party you send out invitations.

決定好派對規模後,就要選擇合適的場地。若是小型生日派對,你可以考慮在家中、屋苑會所及一般餐廳等;如果出席的人數超過五十位,你可考慮酒店的Ballroom或Function Room作為生日會場地。

3 小時將是舉辦派對的好時間窗口,這就是為什麼我們公佈的租金價格為 3 個完整小時。 如果您希望提供各種活動,例如充氣城堡/玩具、抓斗機和娛樂活動,您可以額外租用物品,租金僅為每小時 15%。

如果您在聚會上提供食物,具有挑戰性的問題通常是準備的部分。 一旦您的客人回复並根據參加人數(成人和兒童)和聚會時間,您就可以計劃提供的食物量。 派對上受歡迎的食物是菠蘿香腸、點心、春捲、雞翅和意大利面。

對於特殊的派對主題,我們可以幫助您設計和採購合適的裝飾品和用品。 我們還可以提供您孩子最喜歡的卡通人物玩具和/或氣球來增強裝飾。 如果您計劃舉辦小型派對或空間有限,主題海報和簡單的氣球裝飾將減輕派對氣氛。

除了玩具,有時您可能還希望添加魔術表演、扭氣球和面部彩繪等娛樂活動,為您的派對增添多樣性。 我們的魔術師甚至可以幫助您召集客人並主持切蛋糕儀式,這是一些父母可能會迴避的事情。

必須捕捉和記住派對上的快樂時刻、可愛和笑臉以及慶祝的心情。 聘請我們的專業攝影師,您可以完美地拍攝和調整派對照片。

根據您的派對主題建議Dress Code。讓每個人,包括成年人,打扮起來,無論是最喜歡的卡通或電影中的角色。


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For over 10 years, we have delivered joy to children and adults at more than 3000 parties! Whether the events were large scale ones, such in schools or carnivals or just small birthday celebrations, have something appropriate for you. Chat with us recommendations on toys, entertainment and venue decorations.
We take pride in what we do, especially when receive compliments at guests love venue decorations, when see happy faces playing with our toys and when customers speak highly of entertainers and setup/packup crew. Delivering joy is forte!

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You can always find what you need from huge and comprehensive range of toys.


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Magic Show, Balloon Twisting & Face Painting

Our entertainments can add variety of fun your parties


Rent bouncy castle or other toys for your parties, your children will be ecstatic and celebrations or gatherings will be memorable.


Claw machines have always been popular, with guests of all ages, whether are carnivals, children’s parties or company events. Though machines are easy to operate, the sense of achievement after one claws toy is still overwhelming!


We provide decor packages, from simple backdrop to elaborate balloon sculptures, for consider. Also custom design venue decorations to suit your party themes/needs.
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