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About Hong Kong Toy Club

HONG KONG TOY CLUB – Rent toys for kids parties, birthday parties, play dates and play groups. Bouncy Castles, Ride-on cars, Ball Pools, Playhouses, Tents and more for absolute fun! Hong Kong Toy Club has been delivering joy since 2010.

Whether it is bouncy castles, toys (like playhouses, swing and slide play centres, ride-on cars and bikes, trains, ball pools, tents and tunnels, etc.), entertainment or other needs for your child’s birthday party or playgroup, you have come to the right place!

Established in 2010, Hong Kong Toy Club is the original toy rental company (first of its kind with the most comprehensive range of toys, we might add) born and bred in Hong Kong catering to kids’ birthdays, parties and small group playdates with large and medium-sized toys.

While we are the largest toy rental company of its kind in Hong Kong, we make it a point to state this as a matter of fact instead of an attempt at puffery. : )

Hong Kong Toy Club is the bouncy castle and toy rental company in Hong Kong that is a member of the Safe Inflatable Operators Training Organization (SIOTO) in the USA. We are also privileged to be awarded Little Luxe Hong Kong’s TOP PICK 2013.

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Why Do We Do What We Do ?

Because our children mean the world to us. And we know that they are the same to you.Never in our lives have we ever imagined we could have so much influence and impact on someone’s life.

Until our children arrived, that is.

So, no. We are not in this business because of money (no doubt this is important).

We are Hong Kong Toy Club because we want our children (and all children) to live their lives with passion and joy.

That’s why. : )

And since then, our mission and passion has been “Delivering Joy“!

This is the reason why we support (and do the work of) delivering joy to children, especially underprivileged ones.So, although we deal with toys, our main focus is giving joy to children and help them grow up into responsible, independent, confident and positive members of society.

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